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Wasp Traps

Wasps can be an extreme nuisance during the summer months when you are trying to enjoy yourselves outside.

Nuisance wasps do not generally become a problem until late into July and early August when they start to compete with us for sweet food stuffs.

Attacks from wasps are no longer considered an act of God as they can be controlled. Wasp stings are known to cause anaphylactic shock in susceptible people. They can also cause a delayed heart attack, this is known as Kounis Syndrome and can be fatal.

If you have a business which involves the public, you have a duty of care to protect them. If a customer is stung and suffers badly as a consequence, you may be liable for failing to take preventative measures.

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WaspBane© wasp traps are setting the industry standard in wasp control. A correctly sited trap will stand between the wasp and your environment assuring you of protection which will last for the whole summer season.

From a commercial aspect the use of traps will show a duty of care and that you are reducing the risk to your customers to as low as reasonably practicable.

Our technicians have been factory trained by WaspBane© to carry out site surveys and to correctly deploy the wasp traps at their optimum locations.

For further information or for a free site survey, please contact us.

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