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‘Integrated Pest Management for a Healthier Environment’

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Regular observation and diligence can prevent many pest infestations. Pests can enter your house or commercial premises in many different ways, usually through vent grills, cracks, a badly fitting door or loose tiles to mention but a few.

We can provide you with many different solutions to keep pests out of your property. To prevent mice and insects from entering through air bricks we can provide and fit industry standard mouse mesh grills. These are available in several colours to match your property and also in stainless steel.

Mouse mesh grills

If you are suffering with bird problems, whether it be from nesting or roosting, we have solutions that will help to prevent this and with modern technology bird proofing is now less of an eyesore and more effective.

Optical Gel picture

Bird Free® Optical Gel is a revolutionary new product from Asia. When subjected to daylight, the gel emits an ultraviolet (UV) light which birds can see and humans cannot. The birds see the UV light as fire and avoid the area completely. The gel is placed in dishes, secured with an adhesive, along areas that are known for roosting or nesting and can be used in places where traditional methods of bird proofing either would not work or would be unsightly.

We can also supply and fit a range of retractable insect screens for doors and windows. These retractable screens are made to the highest quality and can be colour matched to your existing door and window frames. For further information, please visit our Insect Screens page.

What ever your proofing need whether it be rodents, insects or birds, we have a solution that would help you overcome your problem. As part of our site surveys when dealing with pests we will often recommend the use of proofing methods as part of an integrated pest management strategy to prevent further infestations.

For further information or for a free site survey, please contact us.

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