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Electronic Fly Killers

There are several types of Electronic Fly Killer’s (EFK) on the market most are of good quality but there are some cheap imports which are not very good and don’t work efficiently, so the correct choice is important. Where the unit is sited is also very important as the unit should not compete with natural light, where possible.

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EFK tubes need to be checked or replaced at least annually for them to remain effective. Just because the tube appears to be blue in colour this has nothing to do with the ultraviolet light output, this is in the 365 nanometer (nm) band and is invisible to the human eye.

Some tubes you see will also be green in colour. These are dual band tubes which have an output at 365nm and also 540nm. These tubes are more effective at catching some flies which are not attracted to ultraviolet light.

UV EFK image

EFK’s are generally one of two types, either a glue-board type or an electric killer grid type.

Both types are effective fly killers however, the glue-board type is preferable when the unit is located close to food preparation or serving areas as the electric grid type can cause the flies to explode when they come into contact with the grid causing body parts to exit the EFK.

Aveland Pest Solutions can install, service and maintain your EFK to ensure it is operating as efficiently as possible. We can also ensure it is sited correctly.

For further information or for a free site survey, or service of your Electronic Fly Killer, please contact us.

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