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veland Pest Solutions Ltd

‘Integrated Pest Management for a Healthier Environment’

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Agricultural Pest Control

Located in rural Lincolnshire we understand the problems farmers face from pests. Pests are a cause of potential loss of revenue through contamination of stored grain and damaged crops, rodents are the main cause of most farm damage, as they gnaw through cables, doors and pipes causing fires and floods. They also transmit disease which may contaminate grain, water and feed. Rats cause 50% of farm fires and cause £14 - 28 million pounds worth of damage every year.

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Stored product insect infestations can affect bulk commodities and grain stores whilst flies can affect the health of livestock, transfer and pass on disease and cause you conflict with your neighbours if your farm is causing fly problems, such as those associated with chicken farms.

Moles are a constant cause of problems where the ground is used for crops and hay and silage. Moles can push up stones which can damage cutting machinery and also cause the transmission of listeriosis to farm animals.


We specialise in the control of moles, rabbits, rodents and foxes. These pests need to be treated early to prevent things getting out of hand. We can also protect your bulk grain stores and monitor the store for pest species. We can also control the flies in your chicken houses to reduce contamination and disinfect them to kill any bacteria.

We can provide you with a one off treatment for a particular pest species or we can provide an ongoing contract to cover several pest species as you require.

Our technicians are specially trained in agricultural rodent control and are Wildlife Aware Accredited Technicians abiding by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) code of practice. As a company we also comply with the Campaign against Accidental or Illegal Poisoning (CAIP).

If you are having concerns about pests, why not call us to discuss your problems, we will be happy to advise you on what can be done to improve things and we would happily visit your farm to carry out a survey.

For further information or for a free site survey, please contact us.

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